..... Papillon, or the Continental Toy Spaniel is a lovely and easy to teach dog. They don't have any aggressive tendencies and they are generally very calm. They can easily live and interact with other animals.
..... They are a great friend to everyone. They can be a great companion for one person as well as for the whole family. They get very attached to the owner(s). The size or family or the house don't matter much. They're great for training and they love learning new tricks.
They don't require experienced owners, but they do need some time, as they love cuddles and being close to humans.
..... Papillons are very active and cheerful. They don't tend to be very loud, however, they have a great sense of smell, and when they sense someone came or is snooping around, they may signal to us by barking. Although, if we welcome a guest they'll understand quickly. Most papillons are energetic and full of spirit for their entire lives. Even at all age they're very cheerful and playful. They don't have any issues travelling and they love catching attention wherever they are. They are extremely lively and agile, thus they are good at different sports (e.g. agility and obedience). On a daily basis their exercise requirements can be satisfied with a simple walk.
..... They're famous for their wisdom. They are very intelligent and they occupy a 7th place (from all the dog breeds) in cleverness. Besides their intelligence they also have a great memory. They are robust and they don't usually get sick. They don't have any genetic disorders characteristic of the breed or any other.

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